Meet winking “Hungarian” congressman Andy Harris

Andy Harris is a Hungarian-American congressman whose father hails from Miskolc, Hungary. Rep. Harris was born in the US and he is a medical doctor turned politician who doesn’t speak Hungarian. Congressman Harris is also the co-chair of the Hungarian Congressional Caucus.

In February his fellow republican congressman Buddy Carter was delivering a long speech about transportation security when Harris positioned himself behind him and started winking at the camera. Later Harris was busy texting, smiling several times and winking once more.

Congressman Andy Harris

Congressman Andy Harris

Harris’s spokeswoman Shelby Hodgkins wrote in an email, “his mother watches for him on C-Span and gets a kick out of seeing him on TV.”

Well, now you have it. A congressman is texting with his mother during a legislative session.

Rep. Harris is a staunch anti-Communist. His rhetoric is a bit dated to my taste, it reminds me the 1950s, the McCarthy era. Officially he has never visited Hungary, but he likes Prime Minister Orbán, especially his anti-Communist tirades.

In 2014 Harris said. “No leader in Europe today is a more outspoken advocate of remembering the crimes of the Communist system than Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who himself was instrumental in the underground movement that helped bring down Communism in Hungary. Hungary’s leadership in facing and condemning its Communist past is exemplary. Hungary was first among the nations of Central and Eastern Europe to institute a memorial day for the Victims of Communism, and soon many nations followed.”

Rep. Harris, Rep. Kaptur co-chairs of the Hungarian Caucus and Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó.

Rep. Harris, Rep. Kaptur co-chairs of the Hungarian Caucus and Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó.

Mr. Harris forgot to mention that before Viktor Orbán became an unbending anti-Communist, he had a leadership position at Hungary’s Communist Youth Organization. His father was also a member of the Communist Party.

Anyway, “winking” Congressman Andy Harris became a media sensation. He is a good boy and his mama likes to see that her son is doing well in Congress.

By clicking here you can enjoy the video of the winking “Hungarian” congressman.

György Lázár


  1. Pierre Divenyi says:

    One of those Republican boys who have no idea of what the world really is, and that includes not only Orbanistan but also the good old United States. He has no place in Congress.

  2. András B. Göllner says:

    With friends like Andy Harris, who needs enemies ? Pete Szijjártó should be happy with his gallery of clowns. We should continue to unmask them and demonstrate their shortcomings. The democratic opposition’s best weapon against the Orbán autocracy is not to engage in character assassinations but to compile evidence based, empirically verifiable data about this regime’s betrayal of the rule of law and basic democratic principles.

    • @András B. Göllner
      ” .. to compile evidence based, empirically verifiable data ..”
      There are tons of evidence. So what?
      The regime’s investigation can not find/trace 160 billion Ft (USD 582 million) transferred by Questor.
      Nor did they investigate the multi million VAT racket signalled and proved by three former Tax Office employees.

      It’s like the sheriff in the South looking at the investigation conclusions in a black man’s homicide:
      I’v neever seen suicide of somebody stabbin imself tweelve times, … in the baeck.

  3. For Congressman Harris information:

    1. “No leader in Europe today is a more outspoken” then Orban who is lashing out
    – against the US, President Obama, President Cilnton, Candidate Hilary C., Soros, etc.
    – against liberal democracy and it’s independent institutions,
    – against common policies with the EU or OECD
    – against the “shadow power” (local codeword for Jewish elites) which rules the world.
    – against migrants, left politicians, liberals, etc. etc.

    2. PM Orbán himself was instrumental only in the constitutional putsch that destroyed a democracy and built a quasi fascist state in its place. He had a minor role in 1989.
    And Communism was not brought down, but allowed to expire by Gorbatchev.

    3. Mr. Harris may find evidence of the above if he bothered, start with the Kim Chapelle studies of the Hungarian regime.

    I doubt he will, buy at least they seems a good match with Sijjarto, two clownish ignoramuses.

  4. Dr. Habil. András Fodor says:

    Dear Viscerally Anti-Hungarian Lázár Gyuri: as you know, we have Hungarian proverb saying that “The Grape is acidic”. Let me remind you for that. I will share this article as you happily introducing the new Friend Of My Beloved Homeland, Hungary: Andy Harris..
    Thank you, Tovarish Lázár!!!

    • Charlie London says:

      Ha! Ha! Ha!

      The Great Fodor!

      The Great Ignoramus Fodor!

      How’s Hungary’s health service Fodor?

      Still ‘great’ and ‘the envy if the world’?

      Do you still have to take two AA batteries with you to hospital so you can have your blood pressure taken? And 1 AAA battery for the oxygen tester?


      You there?


      What planet are you currently residing on?

    • Dr. and Habil, etc
      Listen for this, as many Hungarians say, your kind are the worst enemies of Hungary. It brought disasters in the 20th century and has been dragging the country down and down for the last 16 years, both in opposition or in government. We have only Rumania and Bulgaria to overtake on the way down.

  5. András B. Göllner says:

    @ Observer

    In case you missed the news, according to GDP figures released by the EU, Hungary has overtaken Romania and Bulgaria on the way down. It was last in Europe during the last quarter of 2015 and second to last, just before Greece during the 1st quarter of 2016. I guess this is what the Orbán government means, with its official slogan: “Hungary is performing better than ever” Viva Hungaria !!! Viva Fidesz !!!

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