World War II criminal Albert Wass celebration in New York

The Orbán government’s drive to glorify World War II‐era fascists has reached the shores of North America. A small group of Hungarian immigrants have started to organize similar events here in the US which enjoy the quiet support of Hungarian diplomats.

Last year the Simon Wiesenthal Center requested the cancellation of programs honoring the Hungarian writer Albert Wass. Mark Weitzman, the Center’s Director protested when the Hungarian House in New York scheduled the event; he wrote that it is unacceptable to “celebrate Albert Wass, who has been described by prominent historian and Holocaust survivor Professor Randolph Braham, as a ‘notorious anti‐Semite’ who collaborated with the Hungarian fascist regime during World War II.” Wass murdered Jews and Romanian peasants. In 1946 he was tried and convicted in absentia for war crimes, and sentenced to death in Romania. His anti-Semitic writings are currently banned in Romania. (Wiesenthal Center protests Wass celebration)

The Hungarian House in New York ignored Wiesenthal Center’s call. This year another celebration is scheduled for February 26.

The New York Hungarian House once again celebrates World War II war criminal Albert Wass.

The New York Hungarian House once again celebrates World War II war criminal Albert Wass.

Hungarian diplomats regularly visit the Hungarian House and they also sponsor fundraising events there. To my surprise, last year they have not protested the event. On the contrary, Mr. Ferenc Kumin, Consul General in New York, issued the following statement on Facebook:

“In recent days we received emails and phone calls about an event related to the late Hungarian writer Albert Wass, which will actually take place at an independent US-based cultural institution of the Hungarian diaspora. It depended on the quality of our contacts’ information whether they asked why we, the Consulate General would host this event or why we would support it. A significant wave of disinformation manifests behind the questions of these misled people, concerned friends. It’s not the first time that we see this disinformation mechanism in action, and unfortunately for sure not the last. Our humble suggestion is that every time you get disturbing information regarding the activity of our mission, always double check its credibility. Although luckily we’re surrounded by friends here, in New York and in the US, there are minor exceptions.

As diplomats it is an important part of our jobs to observe the sensitivity of all relevant groups. We understand the feelings of those who have question marks related to the historic role and some activities in the US immigration of Albert Wass, that’s why we do not host or support any event related to him at our New York mission. At the same time we also observe the sensitivity of those who respect the literature and patriotism of Albert Wass, and who would reject to be associated with evil ideologies.”

According to Mr. Kumin it is important to observe “the sensitivity of those who respect the literature and patriotism of Albert Wass.” It might have escaped his attention that Wass portrays Jews in his patriotic literature as “rats” and his anti-Semitic writings are popular among American neo-Nazis. In Hungary, ruling party politicians, including PM Viktor Orbán has praised Mr. Wass and last August a new statue of Wass was installed in the middle of Budapest, at Margitsziget. In recent years about 50 statues, plaques and memorials were installed in Hungary to honor him.

The latest Wass statue was inaugurated in August 2015 at Margitsziget, Budapest

The latest Wass statue was inaugurated in August 2015 at Margitsziget, Budapest

The director of the Hungarian House in New York is Ms. Ildikó Nagy. Her institution is supposed to be an independent organization yet she is a member of the Hungarian Government’s Diaspora Council that acts as a lobby organization for the Orbán government. It is worth to mention that the New York Consulate has contacts with Jobbik, Hungary’s neo-Nazi party; party officials even visited the Consulate. (More about Jobbik officials New York visit here.)

Last year Los Angeles-based Hungarian Cultural Alliance also organized a Wass event. This year they decided that it would be more appropriate to celebrate writers of Transylvania, and it seems that Albert Wass is not included. I applaud them for doing the right thing.

Obviously the Hungarian House in New York may stage any event they wish, but the Wass-cult does not represent the sentiments of Hungarian-Americans. This celebration is nothing but a fascist provocation by a handful of recent immigrants who share Mr. Orbán’s infatuation with Mr. Wass.

For years the Hungarian government is engaged in annoying doubletalk. On one hand they emphasize “zero tolerance” against any form of racism or anti-Semitism, on the other hand they quietly support far right groups even here in the United States. President Obama recently warned that whitewashing one-time Nazis and anti-Semites will damage US-Hungarian relations. It is time to stop the Wass celebrations; they give a bad name to all Hungarian-Americans.

It would be helpful if Mr. Wass’s fascist past would be publicized in Hungary; his Justice Department investigation and immigration records should be made public. Hungary should also make an effort to remove the numerous statues, plaques and memorials to him raised in recent years.

Please contact Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (212-860-0606) and Sen. Charles Schumer (212- 486-4430) in New York and let the legislators know that you oppose this fascist nostalgia event. Since the Hungarian government frequently talks about “zero tolerance,” you may also want to give a call to the Hungarian Consulate (212-752-0661) and suggest public condemnation of the Wass celebration.

György Lázár


  1. Geza Wass de Czege says:

    It is obvious that Gyorgy Lazar does not know what he is talking about, nor has he ever read any of the books of Albert Wass, which do not reflect these charges. Our father is not, and never was a fascist, anti-Semite, or Nazi sympathizer. And the war crimes against him were trumped up by the new ruling communist supported party, and in absentia, from hearsay, unproven charges during a time our father wasn’t even in the area. He was cleared numerous times by the State Department, and these accusations need to come to a rest. Read his books. You’ll see that he had love for his Country, his Transylvanian heritage, and equality for the now minority Hungarians living there, that were and are persecuted by the Romanian government. Read the history of Transylvania and you’ll understand to what Albert Wass dedicated his writings.

    • Geza, being a Hungarian patriot and love for your OWN minority does not vindicate him for his hatred of other minorities. Just because the US, didn’t extradite him doesn’t mean that he is innocent, citing “not enough evidence” doesn’t mean there is ANY evidence that proves his innocence. From what I have read, he has never been “cleared” by the state department but in fact they simply wanted to protect him as they did other Nazi war criminals. The US government had a use for him, as they did the others that is all that is clear. I do however, understand your defence of your father, it is natural to wish for his innocence and the recognition of it by others.

      • Charlie London says:

        Yes Liz

        But what is unforgivable is the inclusion of Wass as part of the school curriculum.

        If he is analysed as closely as we analysed Shakespeare, then the antisemitism will shine through – and receive tacit approbation that it’s OK if hidden – which of course it’s not and encourages it – and sanctions it.

        Together with descrimination of other minorities in Hungary it’s all of a piece – and shocking. And with so many statues.

        I never thought I’d see Shakespeare and Wass mentioned in the same sentence. Such a contamination of the Bard.

    • You’re the surprise of the day, I could never imagine that the son of Wass would come here to defend his father when obviously you can’t stand a chance of winning. If you are that at all, I mean it’s a virtual board we don’t really know who is who.

      I know nothing about him I am a much younger generation and never read his books. He caught my attention only recently, and the first time I heard about him was not when the Orban regime rehabilitated him but when the protest begun. WWII is over and WWIII has begun in more destructive, an unusual, radical and most destructive way and yesterday will be reevaluated tomorrow and once again after tomorrow and it will go on like that until no one knows and understands what they are speaking about — and unless a trusted disclosure about history comes all efforts will end in a fruitless confusion for the wide public. It seems, he suddenly became an important player in a big game. What do you think? What do you want to do?

  2. It is remarkably sad, that in this day and age of free flow of information the anti-democratic and anti semitic lobby is quite easily beating the democratic and Jewish lobby in this issue.

    • Just curious Miklos, any relation to the Banffi family also from Transylvania? It would make you a potential relative of Geza as from what I remember learning is his grandmothers side? Albert was born at Banffi castle.

  3. Czege Úr,

    Your father WASS ALBERT
    I have read a couple of his works, e.g. the “patriotic” piece – A szentek zendűlése” is pretty kitschy, and they just confirmed the above.

    The Orban regime celebrates their own who happen to be fascists or like, another proof of the fascist nature of the regime.

  4. The fascists Orban regime will do anything to stay in power, thus found it
    convenient to celebrate the nazi Wass to re-gain votes from the rising
    Jobbik party which is openly neo-Nazi.

  5. This viscous anti-Semite A.Wass wrote this about the man and the rats, meaning Jews (a Nazi propaganda film showed rats swarming) titled:

    Rat’s homeland conquest
    (fable for young people)

    It ends like this:

    “However, some rats remained hidden in the walls or in the basement pits.
    And when the man saw that they started to multiply again, he thought long and hard about what to do with them.
    You think about this too, and act accordingly! ”

    Your witness …

  6. Amazing discussion about Wass. As I said I have no idea about him therefore I tried to find out more. Without success, anybody has any reliable source? Geza Wass de Czege do you have?

    All I found was Wikipedia although as I previously mentioned I don’t really trust that site as I don’t know who write it.

    Yet a few tings I have found in reference to this discussion.
    Written in the discussion by Geza Wass de Czege on February 18, 2016 at 12:19 pm :
    “He was cleared numerous times by the State Department, and these accusations need to come to a rest.
    “After World War II, he was condemned as a war criminal by the Romanian People’s Tribunals, however, United States authorities refused to extradite Wass to Romania claiming the lack of solid evidence.”

    According this the first poster’s statement seems to be true.

    In reply Liz Aucoin on February 18, 2016 at 7:06 pm :
    ” Just because the US, didn’t extradite him doesn’t mean that he is innocent, citing “not enough evidence” doesn’t mean there is ANY evidence that proves his innocence.”

    But, Wass or anybody else it’s the “innocent until proven guilty” before the given court of a given country and not the opposite. Nobody has to prove their innocence.

    Seeing such a dangerous twisting of words in such a serious topic rather makes me believe in Geza Wass de Czege at that point and I will conduct more research.

    • Richard, you can take Geza’s word for it, however, I have seen many cases where a murderer or molester walked free simply because of the lack of evidence. Your analogy that he must be innocent because the US state department claim lack of sufficient evidence is rather silly really. Things are not so black and white as you may like to see them. The US government protected a few Nazis after the war simply because they could use them, nothing more. The fact that you try to “twist” my words to imply that a persons guilt or innocence depends on evidence for a court only is laughable.

  7. György Lázár says:

    Before his suicide Wass was investigated by the Justice Department, it is in the Congressional Records that he is a convicted WWII criminal in the US. See Sen Cardin’s testimony, here is the link… “efforts to rehabilitate convicted war criminal Albert Wass”…

  8. Liz Aucoin on February 20, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    (A) Don’t twist my words.
    You said:”Richard, you can take Geza’s word for it,”
    I did not, I said: “According this the first poster’s statement seems to be true. Only seems to be.
    You say: “Your analogy that he must be innocent because the US state department claim lack of sufficient evidence is rather silly really.”

    It’s another twisting of my words. I never said that he was innocent, how could I know? I said: “But, Wass or anybody else …..”see up there.

    It’s not an analogy, I didn’t say he is innocent, I didn’t defend him I’m not his lawyer, I defended principle of “innocent until proven guilty” which covers the fundamentals of democracy and rule of law in every civilized nation. Breaching this would destroy the whole nation. Challenging this principle is – in my eyes – fascism, or autocracy at best. Challenging this principle is worse than a Nazi walks away.

    Now you are twisting my words further on like a little child in the kindergarten when she is told something like “you stained your shirt” she replies with pointing finger and repeating the same words.

    It’s my words, I said before, “you are still watching the word in a black and white TV when we have color TVs since then” But I see the whole picture and discuss it in greater scale not just focusing on one person innocence or guilt.

    What is that more???? It is the danger of that some unsuccessful lawsuit against a Nazi would give a chance to challenge the fundamental principle of rule of law. You are whining about a few murderer or molester who can walk free because of the lack of evidence meanwhile, I give a second though about the thousands of innocent people who spent and spend long years in prison even today because they were framed and couldn’t prove their innocence. Read the news.

    Now, which of us sees the world in black and white??? Let the readers decide.

    Here, your last twisting of my words: “The fact that you try to “twist” my words to imply that a persons guilt or innocence depends on evidence for a court only is laughable.”

    No, I didn’t say that, I didn’t speak about a single person real guilt or innocence but about whether anybody must prove their innocence or not. I said that “Nobody has to prove their innocence”…. before the given court of a given country. It’s not about being innocent or guilty in reality, it’s about the law. In the U.S. one doesn’t have to, and before the that time Nicolae Ceaușescu’s court nobody could.

    I am defending here the same law and democracy which gives the freedom and the opportunity to appeal court decision and prove anybody’s guilt not only before the court but before wide public.

    But, guilt must be proved not innocence.

  9. And one more thing. The pure U.S. government did not protect the Nazis that’s the shadow government as the U.S. was hacked by the Nazis and JFK was not the only one killed. The Nazis never lost WWII, the paperclip project was long and well planned and engineered to have a hold on the U.S government and the American people. This video only makes sense if one has the time to watch it in all length.

  10. You read into things too much, get your panties out of a bunch Richard. I’ll put what I said in simpler terms for you.
    Albert Wass was never “cleared” by the state department, they just refused to extradite him based on the word of the witnesses. All I stated is that lack of evidence does not equal innocence. The fact that you get a page of “twising of words” out of a small paragraph is again laughable. Sometimes its as though you are searching for ways to disagree. If you want to fight, wait for me outside……I’ll be there in 5, lol!

  11. Ms. WordTwister alias Liz,

    Sorry for hitting a sensitive area of your rich soul, your usual arrogant mocking reply tells me that I am possible not the first one asking you not to do this cheap magic with words.

    ” A háborús bűnökre és a béke, illetve az emberek ellen elkövetett bűnökre vonatkozó nemzetközi jogi eszközök elemzéséből, amelyhez Románia is csatlakozott (a hadifoglyokkal való bánásmódról, a polgári lakosság háború idején való védelméről, a népirtás bűntettének megelőzéséről és büntetéséről szóló 1949.08.12-én megkötött Genfi Egyezmény) az következik, hogy Wass Albert elítélt cselekedetei nem sorolhatók ezen nemzetközi szerződésekbe foglalt bűncselekmények közé. “

  12. Richard, can you not see how funny it is that you call me a “word twister”, yet you come up with lengthy page long “interpretation” of what I said? Who is twisting whose words here? Anyway, I am entertained by your defensiveness but would really prefer peace. What do you say?

  13. Dear Ms. WordTwister alias Liz,

    thanks. Now here this is for you:

    I gave links. One says he is guilty, on says he is not.

    You’re all the time discussing whether he is guilty or not, I’m all the time discussing whether anybody has to prove their innocence. You are twisting words back to his guilt. I don’t care about whether he is guilty or not. I am a new generation I don’t even know who he is.

    I care about only one thing. Who and on what basis decides about our guilt and innocence, simply because it affects all of our life, the future of our generation and not only Wass.

    You simply disregard a very serious question I have raised meanwhile, you refuse to righteously study all the regarding materials for those pages are lengthy and it’s simpler to cry wolf and mock one other poster.

    Now, that is dangerous. You and guys like you are dangerous, that’s why I raised my voice against your concept of “..doesn’t mean there is ANY evidence that proves his innocence.” And you flatly rule out any other points, arguments and even questions. No questions no discussion allowed. First you paralyze the other with mocking and insults, if it doesn’t work then with violence.

    “If you want to fight, wait for me outside……I’ll be there in 5”

    Now, that is fascism that is autocracy, that is dictatorship, evading and ruling out a serious question. No questions no counterpoint allowed.

    Once more what I’m saying all the time:
    “Guilt must be proved not innocence.”

    If you still think you can go on with your word twisting work on what I
    am discussing, and deflection from my point then you’re a terribly aggressive and primitive person.

    As of your frustrated arrogant mocking on me and considering your hard work deflecting the discussion from a very serious point I have raised and your intellectual level, you might find a good job at CUA the Central Unintelligence Agency. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Richard, You have no clue about what I have studied or not as I do not feel the need to carry on about myself here just for your sake. IN MY OPINION, Wass was a Nazi sympathizer and I don’t think he is innocent of all charges against him. You can carry on all you like, THAT is my opinion. You can choose to call me names, insult my intelligence, mock me and project your behaviors onto me all you like, this makes you look bad, not me. AGAIN, if you want to fight, go outside, start without me! I’ll be there in 5. You obviously don’t know what I mean by that, but if you are oh so smart at least it will give you something to think about. The only one frustrated here is you, your the one continuously calling me stupid. Does it make you feel smarter?

  15. Dear Ms. WordTwister alias Liz,

    thank you for replying all my comments giving me me an excellent opportunity to express my thoughts on presumption of innocence and to dominate the discussion board that I love to do so much. 🙂

    Please forgive me but me being a maniac I turn away from your unfortunate word twisting and emotional problems and I get back to the topic to what I started discussing from the beginning, when you first posted your reply to Geza Wass de Czege — “doesn’t mean there is ANY evidence that proves his innocence.”

    What I have found:

    The presumption of innocence, means that the burden of proof is on the one who declares, not on one who denies, and it is the principle that one is considered innocent unless proven guilty.

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: “Everyone charged with a penal offense has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense. But in Romania war crimes against him were set and supported in absentia.

    In Romania, article 23 of the Constitution states that “any person shall be
    presumed innocent until found guilty by a final decision of the court.

    In the United States although the constitution does not cite it explicitly,
    presumption of innocence is widely held to follow from the 5th, 6th, and
    14th amendments.

    UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article
    11. says that it is the prosecution, which has to collect and present
    enough compelling evidence to convince the trier of fact that the accused
    is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. If reasonable doubt remains, the accused is to be acquitted. Once again, as war crimes against him were set and supported in absentia in Romania, the above mentioned clause could be one of the reasons for his acquittal in the U.S.

    I just tried to make it clear.

    Sorry again for not letting myself driven away from the main point.
    And thanks for your assistance replying all my posts and making it possible for me.

    Always, your “asshole” Richard.

  16. There is only one thing you have left out. Instead of defending himself in a court of law, he was CONVICTED (which means he had no evidence to even offer some doubt). So in other words, if he wants to clear himself after being CONVICTED he MUST provide enough evidence to even be considered for a retrial. So all your work and effort of writing pages and pages about “innocent until proven guilty”, is just another silly portrayal of your great desire to FEEL smart. Anyways, patting yourself on the back for “dominating” the comment board shows that you are just the asshole I thought you were. It is nice to see you own it at least. Peace.

  17. Dear Ms. WordTwister alias Liz,

    you’re not a gentleman looser. 🙂

    Our generation have learned not to believe the media or anybody until a honest and sincere disclosure gives us the chance to decide by ourselves what to think about things and people. We don’t believe even court decisions. We want to see things with our own eyes and decide by ourselves who is a fascist and who not. We want to see who’s speaking who accuses and why.

    His books were banned, so Orwell, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Wass and even Tolstoy, yes , Tolstoy his religious books about God. I got them from the USSR saved printouts. See what I wrote in my first message to Geza Wass de Czege.

    I didn’t know who he is, not even when he was rehabilitated not when he was attacked, I only started searching for him after in your post you were requiring evidence for innocence, which is the most abhorrent refusal of rule of law.

    I wanted to decide by his writings. I don’t know if he was a fascist or not but his poems are really moving and touching, especially from such a great actor. I would have never discovered that without your dirty work on
    “on presumption of innocence” and your blindfold attack on him and even on the fundamentals of the rule of law.

    We will decide, We will find out who is who, not by court rules but by listening what people say, like I listened to you and only disappointed me. Yet, I am grateful to you, as without you I would have never discovered these great things.

    • You see, there is a difference between you and me, I will discuss a topic, and in this case was the guilt or innocence of Albert Wass, of the war crimes he was convicted of. I didn’t mention anything about whether he was a nice guy, great writer or patriotic. You can certainly think what ever you like, but I unlike you will not be convinced of his innocence based on his writings. Your assumption that it somehow makes a difference in what the actual discussion was about is again your silly antics. When it comes to his guilt or innocence with regards to the war crimes, I will go based on the evidence, which in this case is witness testimony. As far as your accusation that I attacked him with a blindfold is also a dramatic version of events since I neither attacked him nor did I come into this conversation with no knowledge of him like you admittedly have. Your self proclaimed intelligence is also disappointing to me as I would have thought that a smarty pants such as yourself would have researched the topic BEFORE commenting. But of course as usual you were sent scrambling for info on him because you put the cart before the horse once again. Now that you cannot find the info you were hoping to, you try to change the subject to talk about his writing and charachteristics as a patriot.

      • “I will discuss a topic,..”

        yes but how? Challenging the law, the presumption of innocence. You said: “… doesn’t mean there is ANY evidence that proves his innocence. ” It’s not forgotten however much you sweat.

        This breach of the law is a very essential part of the topic as well as the discussion. To prove his guilt by challenging the law???? If it is going on like that anybody can accuse others and unless he can prove his innocence will be declared guilty. Shame on you!!!!! Twisting even the law.
        Shame on you!!!! Wordtwister.

  18. Dear Ms. WordTwister alias Liz,

    I can discuss his innocence but not with you until you present a fair capitulation and give up your breach of “presumption of innocence”.
    It was also breached when he was sentenced to death in Romania in his absentia stripping him from defense.

    As of his rehabilitation it was the Antall government which rehabilitated him and awarded him the ” Magyar Érdemrend középkeresztje” in 1993 August 20 that was awarded by one of the most trusted and respected Hunagarian politician Göncz Árpád and was delivered by Csoóri Sándor that time Hungarian consul in his home in Florida. Göncz was not a fascist and I can’t imagine he would award this prize to a fascist.

  19. Dear Asshole, aka Richard,
    I simply cannot discuss with someone reality when you are falling prey to the Trianon cult. Yes Goncz was a great man, but he too in his patriotism fell prey to the desire to rehabilitate many, and had big hopes to restore greater Hungary, which is never going to happen, unfortunately, we will have to live with our war time consequences. However, in the process of reviving this cult, people, good people, often turn a blind eye to shortcomings and unjust behavior just because they had similar ideas with regard to Trianon. This is where I say STOP! Albert Wass had a chance to clear his name, but could not offer ANY, not one single peice of evidence to warrant authorities to reconsider his conviction. If he had done so, he may have been granted the opportunity to clear his name, especially after the fall of communist Romania. So sick of people insisting on running around making claims with regard to history and simply trying to rewrite it, to make all Hungarians, especially ethnic Hungarians from pre Trianon regions look like saints. Goncz was not a fascist but he was a steadfast patriot, just because he was a great man, it doesn’t mean he was a great judge. Some of Wass’s works was beautiful example of a great Hungarian patriot, others shows his dark and hateful side, don’t be so ignorant to ignore one side just because you like the other. Or is it that you like both sides of his writing Richard?

  20. Dear Ms. WordTwister alias Liz,
    on February 26, 2016 at 4:50 pm

    as I said I don’t discuss it with you until you capitulate and apologize for your breaching of “presumption of innocence”.

    I don’t believe a single world coming from a person who does such a thing and tries to escape from responsibility by twisting words, deflecting attention from what you have done and calling others who try to protect the “presumption of innocence” an asshole.

    You’re breaching the “presumption of innocence” over and over again in many sneaky stealthy ways stubbornly. You have tried again saying the very same words and it just didn’t work on me again. And I am sure it doesn’t work on anybody. So easy to see you through.

    That is the real Liz character. What credibility do you have? Now I am leaving you as you will repeat your ill concept over and over again endlessly and you’ll never get tired of this useless verbal karate.

    Yet, I give you a generous gift you can have the last word. Please fell free to print it out. 🙂

  21. I gave another poster the opportunity to have the last word, meanwhile, seeing the flood of lies I give a short summary. I hate lies.

    I gave valuable videos and links on this site instead of useless argument.
    Hope there will be people watching and reading them, really worth of it.

    The presumption of innocence says If reasonable doubt remains, the accused is to be acquitted. That happened in the U.S.

    The presumption of innocence says innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defense. That not happened in Romania.

    The presumption of innocence says no one has or can be forced by the law to present evidences for their innocence. Yet, Wass (his sons) attempted this but Romania refused his rightful application for revision and new trial denying his basic right for attempting to voluntarily serve evidences for his innocence.

    “Életére törtek, és mindenáron el akarták érni a kiadatását. Jellemző módon népbírósági dossziéját a hírhedt Securitate (mai nevén: S.R.I.) irattárában és nem a bírósági irattárban őrzik. Ez a tény, és a megalapozott perújítási kérelem elutasítása arra utal, hogy Romániában (is) élnek a régi reflexek, a múlt rendszer káderei még mindig jelentős befolyással bírnak.”

    Romania refused they sent Securitate agents to the U.S. to assassinate him. The Interpol thwarted these attempts.

    Who would you believe after all?

    Repeatedly I post that link. He tried to prove his innocence and was not allowed.;wass_albert_es_halalos_itelete;2008-08-25.html

  22. You are hopeless, I like how you try to find stuff which proves nothing and say that it proves something, go ahead, try to write another four pages. Twisting stories, claiming something that isn’t true. One Hungarian article against the US state department archives is not proof. You don’t even really want to investigate the issue, you simply search for articles that attempt to make you look right. Cannot wait for your response!

  23. “In 2008, his son, Andreas Wass, appealed to the Romanian courts to annul the sentence, but the Romanian courts found that no new evidence was presented and as such, the sentence was upheld.”

  24. Dear Ms. WordTwister alias Liz,

    unexpected development. I didn’t want to continue this useless debate, the readers understand everything perfectly (I am talking to everyone), but seeing your last word twisting attempt and how you trapped yourself with it I decided to help your ailing brain a little. Your so funny, really. You don’t even notice you are seconding my point. You’re impossible.

    “1985 őszén pedig értesítést kapott az Interpoltól, hogy a „Kárpátok Géniusza” Securitate ügynököket küldött át az Amerikai Egyesült Államokba diplomataként a washingtoni nagykövetség és a clevelandi konzulátus mellé. Az értesítés szerint „Ezeknek egyik feladata az, hogy engem eltegyenek láb alól” – írta Wass Albert.” —- Wikipedia HU.

    “In 1996, he shot a film on bullet marks allegedly trying to kill him, but no solid evidence was found to link it to the Securitate. The two perpetrators of that attempt had been captured by American police, but they were released on account of their Romanian diplomatic passport. ” —- The link you gave.

    So it’s true, the link I gave says the same true the same way that your link says. They couldn’t prove the assassins were Securitate, there were reasonable doubts, therefore this accusation was dropped the same way as the accusation against Wass was dropped for the same reason by the Americans. Fair enough. That’s the presumption of innocence. Or do you think that they should have used double standard? They applied the same rule the presumption of innocence for Wass and for the Romanians. Meanwhile, the murder attempt was proved, and as they came with Romanian diplomatic passport they were released. Do you know what is that??? State government murder attempt by diplomats. “A” class criminals.

    Yes, no one contests the fact he was sentenced to death in Romania as a war criminal, you really don’t have to idiotically repeat it all the time but as his files are S.R.I. and there was no public trial, Wass’ son retried it and was refused exactly the same way I said. Therefore, although no one is obliged to prove his innocence yet Wass’ sons tried and the Romanian court dismissed his attempt to prove his innocence and such as the evidences were brought to the public on the link I attached. Now everybody can decide on their own.

    Maybe the Romanian court refused the retrial because in a fair lawful open court trial they wouldn’t have been able to prove Wass’ guilt.

    I never discussed his death sentence or whether he was guilty of war crimes or not, I discuss the way this court decision was made, whether it was a right legal way or not. It was not, therefore on the basis of presumption of innocence I believe Wass and not those who breach the presumption of innocence like you do, too.

    Am I obliged to believe the S.R.I. or you or anybody? Am I obliged to believe a court of a country that breaches the presumption of innocence like you did, and breaches the rule of law and sends government assassins with diplomatic immunity but then refuses a lawful court retrial.?

    Maybe because this murder attempt would have been brought to the retrial. Yes? Yes!!!! Romanians have every reason to run away from a fair trial.

    Who in their sane mind would believe them or you?

    That’s what the whole thing is about, the presumption of innocence that you have challenged and your blood pissing struggle to wash your filth clean by fumblingly deflecting attention from the main point, the way he was found guilty. That counts!!!!!!!

  25. You really don’t get it do you? There is no twisting of anything on my part. I highly suggest you do some research before you continue with this stupid argument as your true intelligence is showing here. And by research I am meaning to not just use google, unless you are looking for actual books or archives of books relating to the subject. Google will help you a little in this case but it won’t give you the answers you are looking for. So please no more links and video from his cult of worshippers.
    The Peoples Tribunals of Romania after WW2 were set up with the same model as the Nuremburg Trials and was overseen by the Allied Commission which was made up of legal personnel of Italy, Romania, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Germany, Austria and Japan and yes, it was a open trial. The verdict and evidence was also confirmed by the International War Crimes Tribunal. The fact you try to make it seem as though there was this behind closed door trial made up of Soviets and there sole purpose was to frame innocent people is really what makes you look so rediculous. Of these trials, out of literally hundreds of people on trial, only 13 were sentenced to death for their war crimes. Albert Wass and his father were two of them. There was evidence presented, the proof that was needed was there, with damning testimony from Romanians as well as HUNGARIANS, the fact that you claim that Albert Wass was robbed of his opportunity to submit his evidence of being elsewhere is also rediculous. Also, when applying to the Peoples court of Romania to have his name cleared, there has to be NEW EVIDENCE, warranting the reopening of the case. There was NO NEW EVIDENCE submitted by Wass’s family. How do you expect the courts to reopen or retry a case without any new evidence to warrant it? Now, to your claim that an assassination attempt was proven really pisses me off because once again there was no proof that anyone tried to assasinate him, again if you would do some research on these things then you would also know this. When you find the info regarding the day in question about the diplomats, you will also find out that it was broadcasted that there were Romanian diplomats present in his state and he became paranoid, the bullet holes he claim were his proof, were also proved to be there already and not fresh bullet holes in the side of a building. Which is why they allowed the diplomats to leave, there was an investigation and they were cleared. You are truly an idiot if you think for a second that a diplomat would attempt an assassination themselves anyway, they would have hired a non diplomat to do that sort of dirty work. Who is having the blood pissing struggle to wash your FILTH clean by deflecting attention away from the FACTS by posting his writing, poems and stuff totally irrelevant in an attempt to distract from the obvious desire you have to join the Wass cult! None of the bullshit you have posted links to show any information regarding this argument, so until you have something pertinent and factual, get lost. I have posted the links I have, did you read them? Doubt it, because all you think you need to do is slither like a snake with long winded bullshit, calling people stupid and posting links to irrelevant stuff and you think people will tire and simply take your word for it! Give me one example as to the problem with “the way” in which he was convicted? And please don’t be so stupid as to say that him being absent was the problem, because he could have been there to defend himself, but of course he wasn’t and if his family had anything at all that was cause for overturning his conviction, they didn’t present any of it when asking to clear Albert Wass’ name.

  26. Liz Aucoin
    on March 1, 2016 at 3:04 am


    You are really a complete idiot. You are calling the links I gave bullshit and deny that the assassins were Romanian diplomats meanwhile, in your catastrophic senile dementia you forget that I got it from you, it was all written in that link you gave. That link said that the assassins held Romanian diplomatic passport and such as whoever they hired they were in diplomatic status and enjoyed diplomatic immunity and such as they were Romanian diplomats. YOU gave it your unfortunate brain dead zombie. And you said I shouldn’t give links from Google and then YOU do it.

    Liz, no one can be so deeply genuinely stupid that you are. You started to contest what you yourself said, your very own links and words. Blimey blimey little agitated Liz 🙂 🙂

    And it was also the link YOU gave that said ” in 1979, after several revisions, the U.S. Department of Justice refused the petition due to lack of evidence.” Who am I to believe the democratic U.S. Department of Justice or the feared dictatorial Ceausescu regime?

    Liz Your complete stupid, really.

    You are filled with poisonous hatred, it blindfolds you, all you can do is to foolishly and helplessly repeat my words turning them against me and don’t even notice in your stupor that it was your words. I don’t believe this. 🙂 🙂

    That post of yours was just one of your usual meaningless word twisting. I could write a book if I wanted to reply all your sentences. All of them are the same.

    Shame, really shame on you. Shame really.

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