Hungary manufactures fake news in California

The Orbán government’s misinformation industry is alive and well and reached a new level. Generally, fake news is manufactured in Budapest by well paid professionals at the Hungarian News Agency – MTI. Not anymore–they are also made right here in the United States.

Hungarian Minister of State for EU Affairs Mr. Szabolcs Takács recently visited Los Angeles and the M1 Hungarian state-owned TV channel reported about his visit. Thanks to YouTube, I watched the report (to watch click here) where I learned that all Hungarian-Americans support Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s migration policies. We support the razor wire fences, the exclusion of Muslims from Hungary and the inhuman treatment of migrants in the detention centers. For those who cannot hear the TV audio the message is even printed on the screen – “Hungarian communities in America support the government migration policies.”

In this video we meet with the usual cast of characters; Mr. Andrew Friedman speaks about “Jewish brothers” who want a strong Hungary, the backdrop is provided by the Hungarian House in Los Angeles led by Miklós Pereházy, and László Kálmán, Hungary’s Consul General, also appears.

I take the First Amendment seriously and I think it is important to express various opinions freely in the media, but staging and producing fictional news is unethical. It is pure propaganda.

The video was made by John Hasulyó who hails from the northern Hungarian town, Kazincbarcika, and now lives in California. I found some of his earlier work; an interview with PM Orbán (click here) and a beauty pageant in skimpy bathing suits in Greece (watch here).

Mr. Hasulyó (in blue shirt) with film and media mogul Andy Vajna and his wife Timi  (Mr. Vajna has recently purchased channel TV2 in Hungary.)

Mr. Hasulyó (in blue shirt) with film and media mogul Andy Vajna and his wife Timi (Mr. Vajna has recently purchased channel TV2 in Hungary.)

Obviously, Mr. Hasulyó may create video material for the Hungarian government and/or TV channels as he pleases, but he should be aware that lobbying on behalf of foreign governments is regulated in the US. According to FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act of 1938), he may officially register as a lobbyist and after that nobody will raise the suspicion of unethical journalism.

He can continue doing legally what he does now – lobbying for the Orbán government.

György Lázár


  1. 1. I bet this regulation is not to be found in any Kazincbarcika curriculum.
    2. I also bet he does not consider himself a lobbyist, rather a freelancer:)
    End of story

  2. Apparently, Friedman is still on the payroll. What he would not do for a buck. and 15 minutes of fame.

  3. Avatar Andrew Friedman says:

    Sorry to disappoint you. I received one of the highest honors from the Left Wing Government prior to Orban because of my work for Hungary in gaining membership in NATO. I am now supporting the Government because it is my opinion that they are as friendly to Hungarian Jews as possible under local circumstances.

  4. Avatar Andras Boros-Kazai says:

    It is easy enough to disagree with any of the Orban government’s measures.
    However, when it comes to their handling of the migrant flood into the EU, sanity calls on us to side with such luminaries as Gyorgy Konrad and the Noble Laureate Imre Kertesz, both of whom publicly expressed their hearty approval of the handling of this particular matter.

    Check the press coverage.

    Since most of the lobbying in the US and Canada is striving to discredit today’s Hungary which twice elected the FIDESz government, it is refreshing to see some lobbying (however clumsy) in the opposing direction.

  5. voltunk vagy tizen a konzulatusi szemelyeken kivul. Szerecseny mozdatas volt a silany eloadashoz erdemtelen volt hozzaszolni. mi szulo hazank szeretjuk, NEM Orbaniat.

  6. 1956 os szabadsagharcos vagyok, Los Angeles es Gyulan lakok.

  7. Mr. Friedman,
    Hungary joined NATO during the 1st Orban government. (OV and wife attended the ceremony in Washington) So, if you did get the award it was from OV & Co.
    You should go to Budapest and talk to the Jewish leadership and intellectuals. Do not rely on your “friend” the LA consul who is a neo-fascist, he organised a remembrance for Wass in Las Vegas ( who was a nazi war criminal convicted in the USA among other countries) and provides forums and receptions for visiting neo-nazis.
    Why is it that the current government do not pursue the writers of the nazi I-net publication (kurucinfo) although the authors are well known for example : E. Novak of the Jobbik party? ( Try to get the answer from your friends)
    Friedman it is time to open your eyes!

  8. Avatar Andrew Friedman says:

    First, I received the prestigious Lovag Kerszt Award on August 10, 1998 from the MSZP government. Second, I have a successful law firm for the last 43 years. I have never been on anyone’s payroll I support PM Orban for his courageous acts. Third, CG Kalman does not have one antisrmitic bone in his body. U forget that Pres Reagan went to Bitburg where SS are buried yet he was not antisrmitic.

  9. Mr. Friedman,

    No listing can be found of your award. Where can it be found on the I-net?
    What are or were Orban’s “courageous” acts? Can you list a few?
    Why would Kalman organize and spend Hungarian government funds for a Wass remembrance in L.V. knowing that he is a convicted (in USA) War criminal?
    P.S: Your “award” is spelled: Lovagkereszt

  10. Avatar Andrew Friedman says:

    A copy My Lovagkereszt Award will be forwarded to

  11. No Mr. Friedman on this list:

    And if you voice an opinion that the Orban regime “is as friendly to Hungarian Jews as possible under local circumstances” you must be well paid or completely ignorant. E.g. see Karl Busch above.

    @ Andras Boros-Kazai on lobbying
    The Orban regime spent millions dollars on lobbying in the US alone trying to scrub clean it’s unsavory image. Orban’s regime is not Hungary, but over a 100 billion forints/year propaganda budget and hundreds of billions in corruption spoils go a long way.

    And please spare us the worn out lines that we are not well informed, we misunderstood or that we don’t understand Hungarian. I fit the bill on all accounts.

  12. Mr. Friedman, Esq.

    We are waiting: 1- Your listing of Orban’s “courageous” acts.

    2- Explaining why the the “philo-semite” Kalman organised and sponsored a remembrance for Wass a convicted WWII nazi.

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