European Commission registers initiative to invoke Article 7 against the Orbán government

On Monday, the European Commission registered what in the EU is called a European Citizens Initiative (ECI), which is calling for the Union to invoke the dreaded Article 7 against the Orbán government, in response to systemic rule of law violations, xenophobia and the disregard for the values of liberal parliamentary democracy. An ECI is actually a new mechanism in the EU and arises from the Lisbon Treaty, giving ordinary citizens and activists the ability to “invite” the EC to consider legislative action in areas of concern. Once an ECI is registered, the activists behind the initiative must collect no less than one million signatures from at least seven member states. These signatures have to be gathered within one year. If successful, the EC must consider and possibly recommend legislative action in the specific area of concern–in this case, whether Article 7 should be invoked against Hungary. (See the EC’s press release here.)

Article 7 allows for the EC (or one third of all member states) to suggest that a member state has breached key EU values. The breach is then determined by the European Council, with the consent of the European Parliament. The Council may then suspend some of the member state’s rights, including those tied to voting.

Below is the current ECI’s rationale for invoking Article 7 against Hungary’s Orbán government, entitled Wake up, Europe! It was submitted by Pierre Galand to the EC only in French, so HFP is providing the original text, as well as a translation below.



Depuis son arrivée au pouvoir en 2010, le gouvernement de Viktor Orban a multiplié les mesures antidémocratiques, xénophobes et contraires aux principes fondateurs de l’État de droit. Cette situation est de nature à saper le projet de l’UE tel que défini à l’article 2 du TUE. En outre, le traitement inacceptable des migrants par les autorités hongroises laisse craindre que des actions de ce type s’étendent à d’autres Etats membres dont la culture démocratique est récente et fragile.

HFP’s English translation:

Since coming to power in 2010, the government of Viktor Orbán has introduced multiple anti-democratic, xenophobic measures, which run contrary to the principle foundations of the rule of law. This situation is likely to undermine the European Union project, as defined in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union. The unacceptable treatment of migrants by Hungarian authorities leads us to fear that such actions may spread to other member states, whose democratic culture is recent and fragile. 


  1. Avatar Pierre Divenyi says:


  2. “Since coming to power in 2010, the government of Viktor Orbán has introduced multiple anti-democratic, xenophobic measures…”

    And despite of a lot of calls to do something against the Orban government, (among others here on HFP) the EU did nothing even when Orban was arrogantly trolling and confronting the EU but Merkel could bully him into submission which was more than profitable for the Germany.
    Now suddenly the wind has change, since Orban shut the door before the Islam and the final destruction.

    The EU was built to unite all those countries for easier final destruction.
    The EU headquarters is the exact copy the Tower of Babel that was destined to collapse such as the Euro government was also brought to life from the beginning to collapse in due time. (let alone the other occult symbols of the EU)

    But “Article 7 against Hungary’s Orbán government, entitled Wake up, Europe! ” Good, and if should happen, in any case, there is a good chance that it will be the Euro government gangster politicians who will be swept away first.

    As for Orban. It is better to leave for the Hungarian middle class. If the EU or any others from outside should do the job, then they will be the winner and they will rule which might be much worse than Orban since the Hungarian middle class would lose their last chance to supervise their own government and to take their own destiny into their very own hands .
    Who will be the winner, who will survive this game? If the EU is to collapse and Orban, more exactly Hungary can stand the hardship, Hungary will survive. Hopefully. I say Hungary because I don’t equal Hungary with the Orban government.

    As for democracy, in the other countries of the EU it’s a bad joke. Under the pretext of protection from terrorism the Europeans have already lost their freedom. Marshal law, curfew….in Canada too, (only for teenage for the time being) but there is always a pretext, a reason an excuse to make the sheeple accept it willingly. If the test is successful they get scared and accept it, there come the next stage.

    They speak about democracy? Again the pot calling the kettle black.
    I see a very sinister future.

  3. The EU must fall just like the USSR did.

  4. Ordinary ‘Soros paid’ social-liberal activists do Hungarians justice? It’s a wow. Who asked them to do that, since the majority of Hungarians support Viktor Orban’s policies?

    Lets take press freedom. How come you can call yourself ‘Hungarian Free Press’ if there is no freedom of press and expression in Hungary? What you write is not ‘government friendly’ at all but you can still publish it. Why aren’t you in jail than? Or are you based in a different country? In that case, it means you do not pay tax in Hungary, therefore you have no right to meddle Hungary’s internal affairs or to criticise the government.

    What is the source of your ‘freedom’? Which progressive liberal oligarch, government, political party or civil organisation finance your ‘freedom of speech’? In other words, who tells you what to write ‘freely’.
    Freedom of press is a nice notion but it does not exist!!

  5. Pure infantilism. Like kids in the kindergarten. The red-haired, freckle-faced, spectacled ones are unexcluded.

    Where is the tolerance, dear liberalists? Do you really think, that the grey uniform suits everyone in the whole world? Do you realliy think there is only one method for eating, drinking, loving, speaking, thinking(!), living(!)? If so, the liberalism = Nazism.

    Do you believe in Article 7, like believing in God? Poor, poor liberalists…

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