Orbán’s hate campaign bears fruit — Hungarian reporter brutally assaults Syrian children

Hungary’s Fidesz government has managed to almost completely desensitize its right-wing supporters and much of Hungarian society to the plight of hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees from Syria, thanks to the overtly xenophobic billboard campaign that it ran for weeks before the acute phase of the refugee crisis. This week, a female camerawoman for the N1 TV online news channel — which is closely affiliated with the Jobbik party– repeatedly kicked a Syrian child who was trying to break free from Hungarian authorities at the Röszke refugee transit point, and she also tripped several others, who fell to the ground, after being assaulted. The reporter is called Petra László and she was accompanied by another N1 TV reporter called Henrietta Perge. She also calls for police to use water canons against the Syrian children. The disturbing incident was discovered by a reporter from Germany’s RTL television network, Stephan Richter, and shared on Twitter.

It would appear that the incident was so disturbing that it even compelled the far-right N1 TV to fire Ms. László. The station said that “Ms. László’s behaviour was unacceptable.”  The small Dialogue for Hungary (Párbeszéd Magyarországért – PM) green party has filed a police report against Ms. László for incitement, noting that what she did “represented the very pits of human behaviour.” If convicted, Ms. László faces one to five years in prison. This, however, is highly unlikely, considering the fact that Hungary does not have a judiciary and a criminal system that is even marginally independent of the ruling Fidesz party. And it was precisely the politics of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s governing party that deliberately and systematically augmented xenophobia and prejudice in Hungarian society against the refugees to a fever pitch.

Meanwhile, the European Commission is proposing that Hungary accept 54,000 Syrian refugees this year. Greece, Hungary and Italy would be asked to divide some 120,000 refugees currently within the EU amongst themselves, while Germany is expected to absorb up to 800,000 by December. It is expected that the Hungarian government will continue to fight tooth and nail against any such quotas and will aim to find allies within the EU, especially within the Visegrád 4 group, comprising Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

Only a small minority within Hungarian society seems at all moved by the tragic plight of the refugees and Mr. Orbán, shrewdly calculating as he has always been, knows this perfectly well. Ethical considerations and humanism never trump crass political considerations among Hungary’s “Christian” conservatives. And after months of government-sanctioned hate, the refugees have become almost completely dehumanized in the eyes of millions of Hungarians.

A Syrian child sleeping out in the open, at Röszke, one of the main refugee transit points in Hungary. Photo: NL Café.

A Syrian child sleeping out in the open, at Röszke, one of the main refugee transit points in Hungary. Photo: NL Café.


  1. Charlie London says:

    I think you are right, Christopher.

    Orban has set the climate with such devices as his ‘questionnaire’ and inward facing ‘blue-poster’ warnings, such that the ‘State-Controlled Media’ (a term that even our BBC’s Nick Thorpe uses) know exactly how to go ‘on message’ to secure their all-important advertising revenue.

    This percolates down subtly – and not so subtly – so the whole country is on message.

    And finally to the compassion-challenged bishops who have the temerity to tell their own God’s representative that he is wrong.

    Well done Most Reverend thugs – you’ve been absolutely right to ignore Pope Francis and be guided by your true moral compass – The Viktor Orban.

    So so on message.

    As is Petra László.

    The World won’t forget.

    We in Britain won’t forget.


    And we won’t forgive those Bishop Bastards.

    • Christopher Adam says:

      Charlie, I hope that Britain and the world does not easily forget this. And I also hope that those factions within the EU (such as the EPP) that have offered either open or muted support for Mr. Orbán’s authoritarian rule finally feel compelled to speak up forcefully and distance themselves from the regime in Budapest. There is no viable opposition within Hungary to hold the regime to account – unfortunately – but the EU, in particular, could pull the plug on this at almost any time.

      Provided that it has the will to do so…

  2. I see this differently. Petra and the other cameraman pulled over not to get in the mainstream. The crowd was running and may other people tripped and fell on the uneven terrain.
    The guy with the kid was running toward Petra, who tried to jump aside while holding the camera with her right hand and making a self defensive move with her left hand to keep the hitting guy away and to avoid being hit. It seem she was deliberately sticking out her leg a bit but obviously didn’t couldn’t reach and trip the running man. The man tripped and started falling one or two steps before she stuck out her leg as the kid’s leg he was carrying got caught between his legs.

    All the world news are filled with this, creating another wave of prejudiced hatred against Jobbik. Not as if I liked or supported the Jobbik, but this unfortunate event and the following wave hatred, outcry and in many cases even hysteria is clearly working for Orban who is busy to get back his voters from the Jobbik.

  3. In this video it can be seen better. The guy is trying to escape from the police no one touched him except the policeman. After falling, it can be seen the kid is touching his right leg, which was caught between the running guys legs and caused him trip – as I wrote before, in pain.
    One more time. I don’t defend the woman but I stick to the truth.

  4. Richard? You’re Hungarian?

    Your idiosyncratic analysis is not shared by many.

    Are you sure you’re on planet earth?

    You have solved a problem for me though.

    If you are unable to see true gratuitous violence against innocents – in two clear examples, and see the camera wielder standing by without helping – then you must have suspended your moral and analytical faculties.

    No media with any integrity shares your analysis.

    No wonder Orban gets away with what he gets away with.

    Goodness. Earth? Really?

  5. to “Richard” – oh dear, ppl like yourself are hopefully the minority…Please view this video – HERE..https://www.facebook.com/alqudsnewspaper/videos/vb.109321962983/10153180658897984/?type=2&theater
    This was not a singular incident. How can anyone, defend the actions of someone who is targeting innocent young children, who are already the victims in this atrocity?

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