Hungary’s Orbán is far more dangerous than Jobbik or any other extreme right movement

Dutch political scientist Cas Mudde, the author of Racist Extremism in Central and Eastern Europe (Routledge, 2005), made a critically important point in an op-ed piece published Saturday in The Guardian. According to Professor Mudde, western journalists and activists who have been concerned primarily with, and focused almost exclusively on, the rise of the far-right Jobbik in Hungary have been wrong to ignore a much bigger threat, namely the populist, authoritarian politics of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Prof. Cas writes:

“Misguided emphasis on the most extreme and photogenic radical right groups also plays out in Hungary. As the international media continues to give little or no attention to the increasingly radical right rhetoric of prime minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz party, they continue to publish alarmist articles and op-eds about the rise of the radical right Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) – despite the fact that Fidesz probably has a more radical discourse (though not ideology) than Jobbik.”

Professor Cas correctly points out that whether Mr. Orbán actually buys into his own nationalistic, nativist rhetoric is ultimately unimportant, as he has managed to turn Fidesz, once a liberal, and then after 1994 a generally moderate conservative party, into a force that can legislate and codify Jobbik-style racism and xenophobia from the corridors of political power. And much of the West is still successfully distracted by Jobbik, to bother to realize where the real threat lies.

Viktor Orbán in Tusnádfürdő (Băile Tuşnad), Romania.

Viktor Orbán in Tusnádfürdő (Băile Tuşnad), Romania.

“Mr. Orbán doesn’t just warn about ‘the survival or disappearance of European values and nations’, he organises xenophobic referendum campaigns and builds walls on his borders – roughly 25 years after the Iron Curtain was lifted in, of all places, Hungary…Even more upsetting than Orbán’s increasingly radical right politics is the deafening silence from the rest of Europe…Even the usual suspects such as anti-racist organisations and the leftwing media, normally so quick to condemn racism and warn about the rise of fascism, have been sidetracked by lesser threats such as Jobbik and Pegida. But while they are fighting the radical right at the European margins, it is growing deep within the heart of the EU. It’s time to shift priorities,” concludes Professor Cas.

Concerns surrounding the treatment of the Roma in Hungary or xenophobia more generally (most recently directed primarily against Muslim refugees and migrants), should certainly be raised and addressed, but always within the overarching context of the demise of rule of law in the heart of Europe. And this collapse of constitutional democracy is quite simply not a result of Jobbik’s rhetoric, but a consequence of the actions of the Fidesz government over the past five years. This government is not only tolerated, but is ultimately embraced by the European People’s Party, and by several western governments, including–most shamefully–that of Canada.


  1. Miklos Banfi says:

    I am the most ashamed of the very last sentence. Question is, if an other party wins the election wheather they inherit this Hungarian garbage?

  2. Miklos Banfi:

    Did you mean elections in Canada, or phony-elections in Hungary? In case of the latter one, it is naivity at best to say, that any other party can win other than the ruling one, which effectivly created a one-party state.

  3. Frau Merkel’s Germany is the most forceful supporter of Orban; after all he is trying to do the best job of keeping the helpless refugees of imperialist created third world hells away from the “white, Aryan” core of Europe, or keeping wages low to satisfy multinational ( mostly German ) corporations ( and of course the oligarchic national-bourgoise – those cockroaches deserve nothing but hatred and trial for their crimes) by introducing a work-scheme for the unemployed masses, that in essence is semi-slavery. Like a f@cking kapo or WW2. time Hungarian gendarme. But of course Canada’s or any other Western government’s support is not less shameful. Any more illusion regarding bourgoise, capitalist politics, dear petty-burgoise readers inside and outside of the borders of the Hungarian prison camp…???

  4. Dangerous for whom? For Europe? Hmmm …”deafening silence from the rest of Europe” I don’t think so. Big boys don’t like dangerous players, unless the player is actually dangerous to those that are dangerous to them.

    Bilderberg group, the silent killers. New world order, reviving fascism, killing the middle class, depopulation project (Rockefeller, Gates). Bilderberg wanted to tear Canada apart into two parts, they still have their tight grip on CA. Hungary with this slave mind controlled PM is very helpful making both ends meet.

    Orban spent decades building his private economic empire (without any knowledge of economics/ isn’t it an amazing achievement) that enables him to keep his hand on his privet Fidesz Co. LTD. A key-keeper with the password and with his freshly installed layer of oligarchs. But who is the owner. Where does the money go? Why the deafening silence?

    Fascism? Poverty? Demolition of the meritocratic society, expelling the intellects, destroying health service, education, etc.? Meanwhile, his mental state and split personality shows all symptoms of mind control including a short few years of his temporary falling apart (bad side effects), and his back again. With a brand new mind and personality and memories that are not his.

    Well, the fight for a NWO is on its full blown course now, the Russians, the WDS steps in by counting on the Pentagon WH, meanwhile the Khazarian mafia is fighting for survival and will never surrender. Yet, the fight goes on as whether they surrender or not, their fall is inevitable. They created a world that is too big for them to keep controlled, the pyramid scheme is collapsing. Too many humans to control, the 95 % must go they said. Georgia Stones. Now they provoke. ISIS, wars, wave of highly organized immigration to destroy Europe either economically and socially or just bringing in a plague (not for the first time in history) it has always worked. Want something favorable reaction?

    This little subhuman monster with his deformed face and personality, this naturally born Candida Albicans, is their greatest helper. He can be trusted whenever it comes to filth or project of distraction, trouble making, provocation, and destruction. The project is big — the silence is deafening.

  5. David Israel says:

    Richard You are clearly mad but a great rant all the same.

  6. Came across this news site via google news. What a pathetic news source. Love the oxymoron description of what this sites is; from its own about section: “The Hungarian Free Press is a non-partisan news source, with all of our content (whether news pieces or op-eds) reflecting the following liberal democratic values.” Non-partisan liberal – lol.

    And please continue with the post from your liberal and tolerant readers . Love their vile, hateful and curse riddled posts.

    Orban as a fascist, mental stability and subhuman – check
    References to Aryan and camps – check
    References to one-party rule, oligarchs, slavery – check

  7. Very poor quality trolling and sockpuppeting as always on all pieces and posts — time for the Orban gov. to send the staff to a refresh course.

    Trolls have always been pointless, therefore the only thing they could was to pick a fight, which needed neither memory nor consistency or understanding of the point. Fight don’t make sense therefore they are pushing it through. They keep on moving on something new, but they endlessly repeat themselves. These trolls always default to their stock phrases that their superiors gave them and even their insults and abuses are so much the same not only here but on every other sites. The cliches and insults they are using toward other posters and the site are all the same word to word here and at the Hungarian language discussion boards. Waiting for the poster to respond with anger so that they can stretch the conversation for long until it it breaks off in disgust.

    But it is an open secret. Type “government hires internet trolls” in Google search. Or read a said story of Lyudmila Savchuk a paid gov. troll who made her coming out after the first shot was fired. Well, not just Russia, Hungary is the same with Orban’s idol and great master. Go find the story.

    That’s another one.


    “The new autocrats use propaganda, censorship and other information-based tricks to inflate their ratings and to convince citizens of their superiority over available alternatives. They peddle an amorphous anti-Western resentment: Mr. Orban mocked Europe’s political correctness and declining competitiveness while soliciting European Union development aid.”

    “They dominate the Internet by blocking access to independent websites, hiring “trolls” to flood comments pages with pro-regime spam, and paying hackers to vandalize opposition online media sites.”

  9. Hey Richard

    Of course anyone that opposes your world views is a troll. After all how dare anyone disagree with you. Yes you had outed me. I am a paid Orban Fidesz employee that scours the internet. Congratulations!

  10. A short but true description of Mr. Orban’s mental state by Erik D’Amato with the following warning of the publisher and editor-in-chief.
    “Please note that due to a large volume of trolling and false abuse flags, we are currently only accepting comments from logged-in users.”
    Well, his team is busy everywhere not just on HFP.

  11. Arpad Kovacs says:

    I have seen some extremist right wing websites. Then I accidentally stumbled upon this supposedly left wing page. This beats them all. Talk about your hysteria. I’m sorry but the ideology here is that of a Looney Ward.

  12. Arpad Kovacs says:

    I am sorry. Please do not stop. It is so silly actually enjoying it!

  13. You idiots are so obvious it is actually funny. I like how you “accidentally” stumbled accross this site. You are not fooling anyone. You are targeting the site, no accidents involved.

    • Árpád Kovács says:

      “You are targeting the site, no accidents involved.”

      What can I say? I’m busted. You have been targeted for termination. And I am DA Terminator!

      Seriously: what the hell are you talking about??

  14. To the above poster, I can assure you that it is very easy to stumble across this site. It is one of the leading hits following any searches on Fidesz/Jobbik. Even as a supposedly deracinated, ‘international’ 90’s generation European citizen, I find it bizarre that I am meant to find it unnerving or unsettling that Orban has warned against “the survival or disappearance of European values and nations”. Surely that is encouraging to hear as a European? Certainly, an Arab would laugh at anyone who tried to wag a finger at him, telling him he should work for the survival of his people and his values…

    • It’s very easy to stumble upon any reputed sites on the internet and very many posters do so on very many sites. Yet, they don’t consider it important to start their comment emphasizing that they only got there accidentally. Arpad Kovacs is not the only one here starting their comment with this, and I believe they must have a good reason to do so.

  15. Árpád Kovács says:

    “Yet, they don’t consider it important to start their comment emphasizing that they only got there accidentally. Arpad Kovacs is not the only one here starting their comment with this, and I believe they must have a good reason to do so.” (Richard).

    Who is they and what reason should I have to say that I accidentally reached this site?
    The paranoia level is off the chart around here! I guess there must be a good reason for it!
    What are ya’ll so afraid of??
    I have to confess this site was totally unknown to me until the other day when I clicked on a hyperlink that lead me here. Anyway, I guess the reason I admitted that it was an accident was also paranoia on my part – just did not want anybody reading the comments to think I was actually associated with this site. Like a self- defence reflex, a sudden fear I felt.
    No offense intended! The articles are well written; I was just surprised by the hostility to the Hungarian government!

    • “fear” as a manipulating keyword, although intensively systematically used by the Hungarian political elite and their payed trolls has already run it’s course, go look for something better.

      Nobody is paranoid here, it’s only you are fumbling and are using old slogans that was badly abused by online trolls as well as old trolling methods e.g. repeating the words of the targeted poster in a sarcastic way by placing them in different context.

      So easy to see that trough.

      Now, get yourself together and reply something to prove again you are really a troll. Don’t forget the golden rule. Trolls never give up they gonna heave the least word. Now go on.

  16. Viktor Orbán is a great man and is saving Hungary from the disease of cultural Marxism.

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