Holocaust-denier and Kuruc.info author works as high school teacher in Budapest

A small Jewish activist group called The Voice of Six Million Souls has long been working to uncover the identities of the people behind the neo-Nazi Kuruc.info website, which is known for publishing the most revolting examples of Holocaust denial and hate speech of any Hungarian publication. Some months ago, I had been in touch by telephone with this group, as it is well-known that the owner of Kuruc.info’s domain (which is registered in the United States) is former California resident Béla Varga, who has been living in hiding in Canada, evading American authorities, which have a warrant for his arrest. This Jewish activist group has now uncovered the name and identity of a man who writes many of Kuruc.info’s Holocaust denying articles.

A high school history teacher in Budapest, László Zábori, is reportedly behind the pseudonym Ottó Perge, which he uses whenever he writes for the Kuruc.info website. In 2009, Mr. Zábori very publicly renounced his Catholic faith, when the Papal Nuncio to Israel, Antonio Francon, declared that Holocaust denial was incompatible with Roman Catholicism.

László Zábori.

László Zábori. Screen shot from Hungarian public television

Mr. Zábori is a history and Hungarian language teacher at the Leövey Klára Gimnázium, in Budapest’s 9th District. According to a report in the left-centre Egyenlítő blog, he also works for Hungary’s Lutheran archives (Evangélikus Levéltár). Mr. Zábori often bases his Holocaust denial on the works of Fred Leuchter, who built a truly macabre career from selling execution equipment in the United States. Mr. Leuchter became infamous for travelling to Auschwitz in 1988 (as part of his Honeymoon with his new wife), and for using a chisel and hammer to chip off parts of the gas chamber’s structures, in a totally pseudo-scientific attempt to prove that these gas chambers had not existed, as chemical traces could not be found, when he sent these for testing. As it turns out, however, the labs did find trace amounts of cyanide in the crematoria. Mr. Zábori has relied heavily on the completely repudiated Leuchter Report.

The Voice of Six Million Souls reportedly shared its information on Mr. Zábori’s activities with Hungarian authorities over a month ago, including with the Interior Ministry. But so far there is no news as to whether Mr. Zábori will face prosecution, even though Holocaust denial is considered a crime in Hungary. Following an amendment passed in February 2010 by the Hungarian parliament, under the previous Socialist government of Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai, Holocaust denial is punishable by up to three years in prison. Mere weeks after Fidesz came to power in June 2010, it changed the law to also include prison sentences for those who “deny the genocides committed by national socialist or communist systems.”

Either way, at a minimum, I hope that Mr. Zábori will no longer be permitted to teach history to Hungarian children.


  1. Charlie London says:

    Surely employing the Holocaust-denying teacher Zábori is consistent with the values of the teaching syllabus which includes Albert Vass and other antisemites too?

    And the Falsifying-of-history History teacher Zábori is consistent with the values of Falsifier-of-history-in-chief Maria Schmidt – and others?

    We shouldn’t be surprised either that Roza Hoffman’s selection processes don’t filter out such teachers.

    Consistent with Orbans direction for Hungarian society.

    Maybe the syllabus should now embrace ‘Majgar Guarda’ lessons with weekly drill in the playground? And a beer allowance to ensure the development of the mandatory beer-gut?

    Maybe we can expect pressure from the Holocaust-denying lobby to lobby for equal teaching in the syllabus the way creationists insist on their nonsense being included?

    Liladiadel would make a good teacher methinks?

    What a catastrophe for Hungary’s young.

    • Could be. At least for some morons poking their noses in Hungarian affairs even without being able to write Magyar correctly.

      • Charlie London says:

        Liladiadel – you have trouble with the English plural.

        For example in another post you wrote:

        “Hungary is in no need to make one single steps in that direction.”

        See? Senseless. It makes no sense. (No need to clarify btw – most of your posts don’t make much sense. Spelling generally good but content always nonsense.)

        For such an erudite Majgar it’s quite a gaff.

        People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

        • I thought that Magyar is also Magyar in English, and not Majgar. NOt just once, but regularly. But perhaps it is so in Londonistan.

        • Charlie London says:

          Also a problem with “could be”
          In Hungarian you have the universal “ugye” and it’s very useful.

          However when you respond in English you need to respond back in the same verb tense. It’s very useful because we can tell if you are listening to what’s being said, for example.

          For example: “Do you have a few minutes to help me with my spelling please?”

          You would answer “Yes I have – let me help you…”

          Never, for example: “could be”

          I offer this to the Erudite Majgar only in the spirit of helpfulness.

          I haven’t a clue what you are responding too with “could be” – but there’s no need to clarify – I know it’s the usual nonsense.

          • Your tirade very nicely avoids the obvious – this site is not about English grammar, but discussing issues related to Hungary, where one would expect that the contributors can at least spell correctly the nation’s name. Apparently, too much to be expected of all, but fear not, this is not the only one showing your zero level.

  2. “Liladiadel would make a good teacher methinks?”

    No. Mattery polluter infection cannot teach anything, not even holocaust-denial. He’s only polluting, sullying. He is only a symptom of a much greater problem.

  3. Charlie London says:

    Liladiadel do you understand the proverb:

    People who live in glasshouses shouldn’t throw stones?uu


    Fortunately most people on here do and can see every time you open your mouth some fool speaks.

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