European Parliament condemns Hungary’s Orbán government

The European Parliament accepted a strongly worded condemnation of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government for suggesting that it wanted to reintroduce capital punishment and for its overtly racist hate campaign against immigrants and potential refugees. While Mr. Orbán tried to rationalize and explain away his government’s rhetoric and policies when speaking in the EP a few weeks ago, it is interesting to note that parliamentarians ultimately adopted the stronger language that had been proposed by the left-centre, liberal and green factions. The EP also called upon the European Commission to begin immediately monitoring the Orbán government’s rule of law violations and to enforce the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Treaties in Hungary. The resolution passed by a wide margin of 362 to 247, with 88 abstentions, many of which were from Mr. Orbán’s European People’s Party colleagues and from the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists. 

We trust that this clear condemnation on the part of the EP may convince the Canadian government, which has thus far been silent on the rule of law violations in Hungary, to re-think its approach to the Orbán regime. One would hope for the same degree of reflection from the opposition Liberal Party of Canada, as well as from the New Democrats. The full-text of the EP’s press release following the passing of the resolution can be read below.



The European Parliament asks the European Commission to assess the situation in Hungary and to establish an EU mechanism to monitor democracy, the rule of law and human rights annually across the EU, in a resolution voted on Wednesday. Reinstating the death penalty in Hungary would breach the EU Treaties and Charter of fundamental rights, and the wording of the Hungarian government’s public consultation on migration is “highly misleading, biased and unbalanced”, it says.

In the resolution wrapping up the 19 May plenary debate with Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, MEPs condemn Mr Orbán’s repeated statements on the possibility of reinstating the death penalty in Hungary and stress the duty of prime ministers to “lead by example”.

Death penalty would trigger EU Treaty Article 7 sanctions

The death penalty is “incompatible with the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights on which the union is founded”, they stress, adding that any member state reintroducing the death penalty would be “in violation of the Treaties and of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights”. They note that a serious breach by a member state would trigger the EU Treaty Article 7 procedure, which could lead to the withdrawal of its voting rights in the Council.

Migration consultation misleading, biased and unbalanced

MEPs also denounce the Hungarian government’s public consultation on migration. Although “public consultation can be an important and valuable tool for governments to develop policies”, “the content and the language used in this particular consultation is “highly misleading, biased, and unbalanced; establishing a biased and direct link between migratory phenomena and security threats”, they say.

Need for better monitoring of democracy and the rule of law

They call on the Commission to “immediately initiate an in-depth monitoring process on the situation of democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary and to report back on this matter to the European Parliament and Council before September 2015”.

The Commission is also asked to present a proposal to establish an EU mechanism on democracy, rule of law and fundamental rights, as a tool for ensuring compliance with and enforcement of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and the Treaties as signed by all member states, MEPs say. They also instruct Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs to help elaborate this proposal by drafting a non-binding resolution to be voted by Parliament as a whole by the end of this year.

European Parliament


  1. Pierre Divenyi says:


  2. Miklos Banfi says:

    High time! It got to the point, when they got compromised. Let’s hope they follow through..

  3. The typical aimless and past date incoherent EUrite whining everyone is bored of.

  4. András B. Göllner says:

    I don’t know who comprises the “everyone” Liladiadal is referring to. It’s high time the EU and Canada take a much tougher stand on these violations, and stop giving billions of EU taxpayers’ money to those who show no respect to the community’s values. If you are going to build an illiberal, intolerant, racist society Liladiadal, do it outside of the EU and on your own money.

    • Fortunately “liberalism” has not been declared as official political credo of the EU, nor has Canada been in the position to have a say on giving any EU cent anyone. Concerning Hungary’s relationship with the rest of EU, that is based on agreements – legal documents with no wishywashy meaningles clichees on “values”. And yes, I am intolerant to anyone who thinks that it can influence from abroad how Hungary should be run. Its electorate has spoken – so the rest can just STFU.

    • Full bullshit says:

      “the community’s values”

      You mean the values opposed to the majority opinion ? because in case you don’t know an overwhelming majority of europeans are in favor stopping all kind of non-european immigration and in favor of reestablishing the death penality.

      Nobody care about your UE in fact the french and the dutch voted AGAINST it in referenda, the only guy that should get the f**** outta here is you because you will never find any majority of voters in Europe to back your delusions.

      • Christopher Adam says:

        Please watch your tone and language if you wish to continue commenting here. You can be a euroskeptic and you can share your views in a civil manner…I would hope.

        • Full bullshit says:

          I’m not an euroskeptic just a realistic minded person, András B. Göllner manage to get on my nerves with his lecturing tone, no values can go against the majority will, vox populi vox dei, remember ? defending the superiority of “values” against the popular sovereignty is the reverse of democracy.

  5. Hypocrites of the EU…. Immigration from the third world led to huge crime rates, no-go-zones, mass rape of young white childeren in the UK and France (and other Western countries), mass rape in Norway and Sweden of white girls and women, black on white crime, huge problems with muslim groups ect ect! These are facts people, do your reasearch!

    Secondly, there are enough safe zones in the erea were those socalled refugees came from. Why don’t they go there? What is also a fact that the majority are economical immigrants!

    Also mass immigration from the third world will turn all our countries to a third world level! They will not become us, but they will replace us!

    Why do you think the EU is doing nothing to stop it? Because they want them to come! Europian nations have to become a “mulatto” nations! As the Anders Borg, in 2013 said that he hoped that Sweden will look like Africa in about ten years”. This is how all of them (Western political elite) think about your future!

    • Racism is what you are portraying, there is no ounce of truth to what you are saying. I guess you get your info from racist phonies who like to spread hate. First I must tell you that crime rates are associated with poor demographic, not immigration. Your “no go” zones story is simply bullshit, and comes from a Fox news story that was retracted in 2000, and was initiated only to create the kind of right wing hatred your kind like to spread.
      Immigrants may make up a majority of the poorer neighborhoods which is why you may see more crime in those communities. That doesn’t mean that crime is a part of their culture. The rape stories came out of Denmark in 2001 and racists have latched on to those ever since. However, it doesn’t seem to have been reported many incidents of “mass rape” of white children since. (Except in the right wing news and conservative propaganda news sources). I have done tons of research on this topic and yeah, if google was the best place to research there are a million and one, right wing hate sites to choose from to get these stories, but not any mainstream or reputable sources suggest what you are saying is true. It is people like you that spend an awful lot of your time ensuring that these stories spread for farther and longer. 15 years ago this story was fresh. You are spreading it now as though this happened yesterday. Geza, you are the perfect example of why white supremacy is dangerous. You are also the perfect example why people shouldn’t fall into your traps. You are not honest, you lie to get people to follow your ideology.

      • Full bulshit says:

        Some many words to say nothing, do you have some sources or actual facts to refute his claims ? of course not, you only have tears just like every leftist, this is literally the only thing people like you are doing crying because the reality is the exact reverse of that you are saying, of course theses no go zone exist, the fact that Faux News made up a good part of it doesn’t make this claim is completly false, in France the Place called Seine Saint Denis is indeed a no go zone filled with criminal and islamists, every french person know about that, in fact there are barely any european still living there except old folks and those too poor to afford for a better place.

        And for the rape stories, it doesn’t only occure in Danemark but also in Norway and Finland as well for the european rape capital aka Sweden

        The fact that so called respectable newspapers don’t talk about that doesn’t mean nothing, the “reputable” sources were all saying that Nethanyaou is done in Israel, tell me who is the new israeli prime minister ? right the same Bibi, just like the so called neck to neck race in UK just before Cameron won again by a landslide…
        You follow too much what the journalist are saying while most of the time they don’t inform they only make propaganda.

        • The “no go” zones are false. I am not saying there are no neighborhoods that have large muslim populations, but the racist propaganda would want people to believe that muslim neighborhoods are dangerous places for white people, which is again…false. Your rape stats are false as well, if you were looking at stats from 15 years ago, you would be a little closer but still wrong. Above, I linked proof that the “no go” zones were a malicious rumor. The link below is for the top 10 countries and Sweden is #5 but #1 is India.
          I can tell you only read right wing media and troll everywhere else.

  6. Miklos Banfi says:

    And we thought that Figyelő and Marcsi were bad, eh? These 2 are even more sophisticated imbeciles.

  7. Full bullshit says:

    Lol nobody care, in fact that will only increase the support for Orban gouvernement…

    They did the same with Wolfgang Schüssel in the 2000’s in Austria, and the only effect of this was a triomphant reélection of the OVP-FPO coalition.

  8. Is this what Orban is afraid of or what he wanted to provoke out?

    It seems to me he sees all the weakness of the EU — but doesn’t really understands them — and instead of cooperating with them as an ally for their benefit he is trying to explore them and make a profit out of it while acting to contribute to the full collapse of the EU, which he believes is inevitable any way. Than holding out his hand for another reward from the other side.

    Again, who is this man working for?

    A liberty fighter, a provocateur, an agent? History shows, at this time I think no need to mention names, that there were/is more than one PM who were the actual agent of a powerful country of the other side.

    My question is, something that never occurs to him, what if he’s wrong.
    I don’t know on what intel he feeds on but looks like he gets information through tales, gossips, payee internet intel sites, and Good knows what kind of advisers. I.e. he is manipulated, mind controlled (considering he receives psychiatric treatment since Veér András it is not difficult to achieve) , and possibly blackmailed.

  9. It is nice to see in one sentence the words “values” and “EU”, headed by a tax evader and its Parliament commanded by a completely waste-of-space failed person who even failed his high school studies.

  10. Charlie London says:

    ‘Full Bulshit’ (aptly named) and others on here demonstrate a phenomenon that shows itself in proportionally higher numbers in the Hungarian population – and more puzzlingly – in the diaspora in my experience.

    The phenomenon?

    The way they take the English language and change the pronunciation and meaning to their own understanding. Even though there is plenty of evidence to demonstrate that it is to the contrary.

    Some uniquely innocent examples are ‘Wimbledon’ and ‘The Beatles’. Almost to a person – again in my experience – it’s ‘Wimblydon’ and ‘Beatlies’. These words are so international with so much evidence in international media that it’s hard to understand how it prevails.

    Not that it’s important in these examples.

    However when it comes to meaning it’s more important and increasingly confusing – with ample evidence to show that some words are used to a convey a completely different meaning from that generally held by the English-speaking world.

    The worst example is ‘liberal’.

    So often we see it used pejoratively and often as a synonym with ‘communism’.

    Liberal – meaning for me – liberty and equality, inter alia – is an important quality in any fair democracy and is certainly an aspiration, for example, for the UK population.

    How does it come anywhere close to communism?

    Orban and Fideszbbik – and many contributors on here – must know that it’s the complete opposite in meaning with plenty of evidence in international media to the contrary.

    It’s even more of a mystery when Orban experienced communism and was alleged to be one of the ‘elite’ hierarchy in being allowed to travel.

    And yet many opponents are accused of being – pejoratively – communists, when they suspiciously embraced communism with more enthusiasm than would have been expected from themselves.

    Many top Fideszniks are in this category – Ader and Kover among them. (Heaven forfend that Ader gets the EU ‘Environment’ portfolio btw – his ‘residual-communist’ style wouldn’t go down too well there.)

    And many other examples.


    If we can’t agree on some basic definitions how will Hungary ever be sorted?

    • Have the British liberals’ parents themselves directly engaged in Bolshevik torture organization, like AVH, including torture and murder? No, I presume. Have the UK liberals issued such statement that this dreaded secret police did not employ torture during its operations? Probably not. Have the UK liberals themselves in their early adulthood supportive of Maoism, and as such denouncing for instance the remembrance of the 1848 Independence war? Mostly no, I dare to think. Have the British liberals automatically declared their opponents being anti-Semites to discredit them irrespectively of the actual opinions, the first instance a debate occured? I suppose not. Have the ranks of British liberals been swollen by those journalists who have been committed supporters of USSR and Communism, followed by the instananeous transformation into pro-market pro-Western scribblers, and denying their former allegiance? Hard to believe. Now all THIS makes the self-chosen description of “liberal” in Hungary so close to spineless Communist traitor, and if you don’t know this, than this shortage seriously qiestion what knowledge you may have about Hungarian affairs. Apparently…… close to none.

      • What you are saying is absolutely absurd! First of all, all of the leading politicians were communist ass kissers since before the fall of communism and were all educated by the communists and whose parents were all card carrying communists and I believe also there were informants and collaborators amongst them as well. This is what afforded them advancement in education and priviledge during communist times. How you could possibly state that only liberal party members are communist scum is very telling of your knowledge of Hungarian political elite or you simply are naive in falling for what the extreme right parties want you to believe about any party on the left. Viktor Orban himself has been involved in every side starting as a secretary for the youth communist party, then was a liberal, then crossed the center line and has been heading “east” ever since. From one extreme to another. In reality there are more “communist traitors” as you call them, that were in this class of people on the right side of the political spectrum than on the left. Fidesz has been playing with politics and the defenitions, confusing Hungarians for a lot of years now, by not being able to stay put with his political agenda he shows that he does not have political back bone and his views in politics are purely dependent on power and money, not on values and ethics. Get your head out of the sand.

        • I am old enough to remember what it was like in the mid-80’s when under the disguise of “illegality”, the so-called democratic opposition could print samisdat literature called “Beszélő” – as it turned out, under the cosy protection of Aczél György. Then some memorials appeared, describing how Demszky, the former mayor of Budapest, organized an “anti-nationalist” demonstration against the remembrance of March 15 National Day. Then the nice list with Pető Iván’s parents as senior AVH interrogators were published. So if you can show something even remotely close amongst the Fidesz, by all means – but until then you don’t call me uninformed, because it is exactly WHAT you are in the deepest ocean of ignorance.

          • I am also old enough, during the 80’s I was a student and living in Hungary. I also remember what you are talking about, so I AM informed and lived it. You seem to be an appologist for the old communists except for liberal ones. I apologize for calling you uninformed, you are more likely just in denial. I like how you ask for proof of the affiliations of Fidesz members to the communist party, knowing full well they have sealed the communist files for 30 years and classified them. Why do you think they did that? They have something to hide and will hide it at all costs. Mark my words, you will be eating yours when those files are opened.

          • Then I repeat again: show me anyone in the Fidesz government/party who are as deeply involved through your parentage and personal lives with AVO as Pető, Demszky, Bauer and that idiot Kuncze stating that the AVO did not employ torture. You know, the one who was elected to be SZDSZ leader because of being “non-Jewish and with non-AVO ancestry”, as it was stated by that supreme liberal SZDSZ. Imagine that other parties would have elected their leader, because of their ethnicity. Some “liberals”.

          • through THEIR parentage

  11. Charlie London says:

    And why wouldn’t ‘liberal’ qualities be embraced by a culture that professes to be a ‘Christian’ Roman Catholic society?

  12. Charlie London says:

    If I understand Liladiadel correctly then she/he is saying:

    ‘liberal’ = spineless Communist traitor

    Seems to confirm my suspicions!

  13. Charlie London says:

    So can you help with your ‘Majgar’ definition of ‘left’ as in ‘Left Politics’ please?

    And while you’re at it ‘illiberalism’ as in ‘Orban is a dictator’ please?

    Thank you.

  14. Charlie London says:

    It’s been really astonishing for me how this thread has developed.

    Whilst one swallow doth not a summer make – it’s been a voyage of discovery into the psyche of some Hungarians – and given an insight into how difficult it will be for Hungary to come in from the cold.

    Some of the attitudes expressed here are similar to those I have experienced with some friends and relatives of my partner. She is in despair with some of the more right-wing views of acquaintances in the very rural setting of her upbringing.

    Liz on here has had an uphill struggle in balancing – and refuting – some of the contributors on here (well done Liz!) but given the closed minds and unwillingness to embrace a different view – or modify a view given information which refutes the assumptions made against all the available evidence, is something unique in my experience. In essence how do you have a dialogue with a bigot?

    And it seems that bigots and ignorance are over represented in the diaspora – or at least in the English speaking community.

    I believe, myself, that Hungary is still in a transition phase from communism to democracy – frozen in a ‘commocracy’, exacerbated by the Orban disaster.

    Until Hungary acquires a world view; opens those damned files; has a catharsis over its terrible role in the Holocaust; and engages into a dialogue using a standard understanding of the English language, it will stagnate into its backwards-looking, history re-writing inward-focused attitude of self pity.

    All this can be laid at the door of Orban Viktor – aided and abetted by the inward looking electorate, propped up by strong representation in the diaspora.

    Political enlightenment will take a long time.

    Not helped by the sick patient being ignored and sidelined by the EU.

  15. Miklos Banfi says:

    Perfectly said, Charlie!
    Kudos to Liz, but it is really futile to argue with a professional provocateur. He is spewing his “facts” at his will disreagarding the real issues. Whose inferiority complexes is he trying to compansate for by attacking those four – 20 years ago mentally superior Szdsz politicians?
    We know that all today’s fidesz-kdmp boys are geniuses and they have been altarboys through their whole life. He can be proud of them.
    Just ignore the idiot, unlike I just did:)

  16. … so this is when, instead of two dogs, it is now three dogs licking each other’s anuses.

  17. Miklos Banfi says:

    I think, instead of lowering down to your level and answering your lovely note I just have to take an alternate route:)

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