Canada’s Extra Hungariam Foundation entertainer has pro-Jobbik sympathies

A new organization has been announced to support and promote Hungarian culture in Canada. The Extra Hungariam Foundation (yes, Hungariam) plans to create a foundation “of significant financial proportion” which will provide perpetual funding to support Hungarian cultural activities in Canada. “Extra Hungariam non est vita,” in Latin, means “there is no life outside Hungary.” (You may find the foundation’s website here.)

The founder and promoter of the new organization is Mr. Gábor Vaski, a seasoned financial consultant, affiliated with the Investors Group, a large Canadian Investment company. Mr. Vaski also made an introductory video (essentially an interview with the Toronto-based Kanadai Magyar Televízió, or KMTV) explaining the goals and suggested operation of this foundation. (You may watch the video here.)

The written announcement claims that the foundation “will maintain an account at a reputable Canadian financial organization” and will use “the Investors Group Charitable Gifting Foundation program for long term investment and gifting and will abide by the I.G. CGF terms and conditions.”

Extra Hungariam

Extra Hungariam

This might raise some eyebrows, since Mr. Vaski himself works for the Investors Group. The fund will also use the Investors Group Charitable Gifting Foundation, and may pay program fees, operating expenses, and management fees to Mr. Vaski’s firm.

It seems that the Investors Group may benefit from the proposed foundation, and Mr. Vaski himself might directly benefit if he receives commissions or other fees for setting up and operating the foundation.

There is something called “fiduciary duty” in our financial world, which is a legal duty to act solely in the client’s interests. A fiduciary, such as Mr. Vaski, may not profit from his relationship with the foundation, unless he has the foundation’s contributors informed consent. It would be advisable for Mr. Vaski to clearly explain to contributors his role, and get their written consent to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Since fiduciary duty is one of the strictest duties recognized in the Western legal system, if things go wrong, it could trigger endless litigation.

The guest star of the October 11 Inaugural Fundraising Event will be Mr. Béla Tolcsvay, Hungarian “folk-rock legend” and the divisive, ultra right-wing former ambassador, László Pordány. The sixty-seven year old Tolcsvay is a great admirer of pro-fascist WWII dictator Miklós Horthy, and might deter those who wish to contribute. It is also questionable if the Investors Group would like to be associated with pro-Fascist entertainers. (Take a look at Mr. Tolcsvay’s performance.)

Since Mr. Tolcsvay was also featured at neo-Nazi Jobbik events, he might have trouble entering Canada. In some cases Canadian immigration officials have ordered Jobbik sympathizers to leave the country. Here is a Hungarian language report about Mr. Tolcsvay entertaining at a Jobbik rally.

We wish good luck and success to the new Extra Hungariam Foundation in supporting future Hungarian cultural activities in Canada.

György Lázár


  1. Avatar András Göllner says:

    Thank you Mr György Lázár for telling us who is behind the curtain. It is astonishing, how consistent this group, and Vaski himself is, in coming up with elderly, neo-fascist rock legends to push its hidden agenda in Canada. Why is it always, without exception, freaks from this group, such as the self professed shaman, Dr Lajos Papp, and others, like the former ambassador’s neo-Nazi friend, Ernő Raffay (who blames the Jews for Hungary’s post-WWI territorial losses), that are trotted out here in Canada by Vaski and his gang as true proponents of Hungarian culture and traditions ? Why don’t people write to his employer, The Investor Group to advise them, that one of their employees is using the company logo, to fund-raise in the company of people who advocate views that are in contradiction with Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms ? By its own admission, Jobbik is not a democratic party. The former Hungarian ambassador, Dr Pordány, has been the ringleader in this country of those who seek to silence those who oppose the autocratic Orbán regime. Dr Pordány should go home rather than hinder the civil liberties of Canadian citizens in this country. Mr Vaski, should stop bringing more Jobbik sympathisers here. And his employer, The Investor Group, should tell Mr Vaski where to get off. I certainly would not put my money in the hands of a company who employs kooks like Vaski.

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  3. It took the weekend for me to read, then re-read, Mr. Lázár’s ‘Article’ and Mr. Göllner’s ‘Comment’ in order to be fair to them in MY comment.

    Unfortunately, my grasp of what they had written never changed from the original perception and understanding that came to me the first reading.

    The stylistic aspects of both writers as to their same manner and method of dealing with those who may have a different opinion or methodology, does bear some mention.

    An article of opinion, should be just that, and not draw in points that are inapplicable. No where on the Extra Hungariam (yes.. HUNGRAIAM.. it’s Latin 😉 is the ‘… non est vita.. ‘ – an old well known saying – noted. Yet, in a clumsy effort , the author tries to wield it as some confusing club, with really no relevance.

    To spare those reading a full dissection of of both erstwhile writers efforts, the point which is well lost …actually never given an inch of fair play… is that “Extra Hungariam” is fully clear in it’s goals and direction.
    It’s laid out succinctly on the website. In fact, several times over. It is honourable and noble in all regard, and could hardly be more transparent.

    In our family, their was a distinct upbringing of pride in our heritage. Although I am the oldest, Born in Budapest – most definitely Magyar – , my younger brother, born in Saskatoon … ALSO is most definitely Magyar. I have no qualms in saying that together we have fine debates about regarding all aspects concerning Hungary, and to his chagrin, I do tend to play the Devil’s Advocate with a stronger hand than he would like at times… However… to attack him on a PERSONAL level in regards to the Extra Hungariam concept and effort is simply banal, let alone flagrantly disrespectful. The author contradicts himself in using the term as ‘seasoned’ regarding my brother, and then casts (along with the follow up comment) as many aspersions as could be fit on the page.

    My Brother come October 11th, will have taken an idea, a concept… from thought to an inaugural Ball in the space of 4 months… and he and I certainly did our usual debate in the course of it. I live in British Columbia, but handily business affairs took me back east and I attended the initial meeting of the Extra Hungariam board. It had not been difficult for him to find like minded individuals, just as it will be a successful evening… luckily most Hungarian Canadians do not think the same as the two contributors mentioned.

    Extra Hungariam, as I mentioned, is completely transparent – however -so is the author’s and commentator’s vitriol … and all individuals of common sense, intelligence and decency do not have to struggle to determine their mindset.

    Ferenc I. Vaski – Kelowna BC.

  4. Avatar András Göllner says:

    Mr Ferenc Vaski: Your lengthy and emotional defense of your brother is understandable. What is more difficult to understand is your inability to address the central point of my argument. Why must your brother and Mr Pordány invite and showcase anti-Semite hate mongers like Ernő Raffay or supporters of neo-fascist Parties (Jobbik), like Tolcsvay Béla, Papp Lajos, and others here in Canada ? I have no desire to hinder your brother in his efforts to make a buck. But I have every right to object to his efforts at polluting Canada’s democratic environment via his socially irresponsible behavior. This is not a very smart way to impress our fellow Canadians about our virtues. Showcasing people from Hungary, who are disrespectful of the dignity of their fellow human beings is wrong. Period. Please focus on that, rather than on your hurt pride, and have a word with your brother. Perhaps he’ll listen to you, if he won’t listen to us. OK ?

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