The Los Angeles United Hungarian House and Fruzsina Pregitzer

Thanks for Mr. Pereházy’s prompt and courteous response to my article that he posted on his Facebook site. (You may read his note here.)

From his response I gather that Mr. Pereházy has no intention of cancelling Ms. Pregitzer’s show. At the same time he assured us that the planned Sept 27 event won’t contain objectionable text. I assume that means that the actress won’t present Albert Wass anti-Semitic fable – „The Conquest of the Rats”.

This is good news.

Many of us feel that the mere invitation of Ms. Pregitzer, and the fact that the Hungarian House is willing to give her a podium in the United States, is a mistake. Some of Ms. Pregitzer’s performances are offensive; they don’t foster respect and understanding, and don’t represent those basic American values we believe in this country.

Not surprisingly, Ms. Pregitzer’s video shows are popular among Hungary’s extreme right; some used as racist propaganda. She has never apologized for her Wass interpretations, or objected the adoration of the extreme right. (Click here to see how her video is distributed on the internet by Hungarian fascists.)

Many of us believe that her presence in California will tarnish the reputation of the United Hungarian House in Los Angeles.

György Lázár


  1. I agree with György Lázár’s assessment. An anti-Semite is and anti-Semite, even she he/she does not talk about it. I for one would not stay under the same roof, voluntarily, with people who are racists, anti-Semite and extremely prejudiced against other religions, races and people with decent and democratic political beliefs.

  2. dr. Ann Heigli says:

    I very much agree with Mr. Lazar and Mr. Bognar. Ms. Pregitzer is a known “extreme right winger” well know here in Budapest. She is a darling of Jobbik the neo-Nazi party. The fortunate Hungarians who live in LA should never sponsor and encourage such racist.

  3. A mai napon 9/20/2014 Recsken Fruzsina eloadta:

    “Patkányok és emberek” kedvenc darabjat.

  4. I agree with both György Lázár’s evaluation, as well as with Gyula Bognár’s statement. You are what you are, regardless of expressing or not your views at each occasion. You are what you are, and your simple appearance leaves a mark on wherever you appear.

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