Orbán takes hardline with his ambassadors

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke to Hungary’s ambassadors today at a talk given to employees of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is an annual affair, usually held each August, and just as the summer holidays begin to wind down. Mr. Orbán highlighted the fact that he places pragmatic considerations far above lofty ideals any day of the week and while most political leaders do much the same, few would so openly admit their cynicism. The Hungarian prime minister’s most important message, perhaps, was that the country would negotiate with any other state, regardless of the nature of the given regime and its track record on human rights or democracy.

Mr. Orbán placed the building of bilateral economic ties (and economic considerations in general) as the Foreign Ministry’s top priority moving forward. “It is not our role to defend our economic accomplishments, but to showcase our methods”–Mr. Orbán noted of his unorthodox economic policies, which have included punitive, targeted taxes on multinationals and media organs critical of the government, as well as preferential access to public tenders and funds by Fidesz oligarchs.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák, MTI.

Photo: Szilárd Koszticsák, MTI.

The prime minister added that he believed his government was “more papal than the pope,” in that its policies and its controversial constitution (or “Fundamental Law”) has been probed and examined so many times. He also told his ambassadors that the EU and foreign governments have often used a double standard in its criticism of the Fidesz-KDNP’s authoritarian policies.

The most critical part of Mr. Orbán’s speech was where he spoke of foreign policy not being values driven, but rather the end result of pragmatic considerations. Mr. Orbán added that he believes “smart countries” developed the concept of values-driven foreign policy which they never follow, in order to further hinder and tie the hands of less successful states. Mr. Orbán observed that Hungary’s interests will drive policy development, rather than the state of democracy in potential partner states. Within this context, Mr. Orbán spoke as well of the Paks atomic energy plant and the contentious Russian involvement in its expansion. Mr. Orbán noted that it was hypocritical to criticize Hungary for seeking Russian financing, when the Americans are financing their debt through Chinese funds. While Poland sees its relationship with Russia as a national security issue, for Hungary this is mainy one of economic interests — the prime minister added.

Finally, Mr. Orbán struck a very hardline when it comes to refugees, suggesting a much tougher policy in the future, and even the criminalization of this issue.


  1. Gyula Bognar says:

    Could anyone name 2-3 meetings between the Stadionbuilder victor’s Government and another major EU or World Government leader for bi-lateral agreements, which usually precedes any major mutual economic agreements.
    Meetings only occurred in the last six years with the Visegrad Four and only for coordinations. Other than that, I only remember meetings with the prime ministers and/or dictators of Albania, Bulgaria, of course the dictator of the hatchet murderer’s country, Azerbaijan, then Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Russia. There was no bi-lateral Governmental agreement with China, there were numerous visits back and forth by various ministers.
    In addition, members of the new Fidesz diplomatic core are comprised of amateur boors, those who were real diplomats had been all sacked. Some of the new “diplomats” are bigger idiots than their boss, they are unprincipled brown nosing vile, base, people, more so than than the Stadionbuilder viktor himself, which is no easy feat, but they do get trained for these typical Fidesz skills, before their appointments.

  2. No surprise here. The Orban is getting confused. After a few years of ruling, dictators don’t know who they are serving, and they can’t even realize how they are manipulated.
    Yet, this miserable puppet thinks he is very smart, while understanding nothing, and wouldn’t trust any of his counselors, wouldn’t even listen to anybody in a fear of others might manipulate him.
    Now, a little dancing again before taking another step ahead. Widening his area of operation for money laundering, illicit arm trade, investment to antique works of art, speaking about the New World Order while pulling up to Russia and the SCO, a little gold mining and retraining his ambassadors. I think he was given an hourglass to watch how much time he has left. He senses the war but just doesn’t know who the winner will be and the little fat man starts dancing with the big boys. Now again, where does the money go???

  3. Amendment :

    Orban is getting confused.

    Widening his area of operation for money laundering, illicit arms trade, investment to antique works of art, now all placed under diplomatic immunity,….
    Wrote my post in haste, sorry.

  4. I’m really stunned by that last paragraph. He wants to criminalize being a refugee? That’s taking heartlessness to a whole new level.

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